NEW COMMISSION: 'Fragment of a Dress'

Brontë Parsonage Museum, Haworth, West Yorkshire.

To accompany the current ‘Defying Expectations’ exhibition, Hannah Lamb has been commissioned to create an interactive textile artwork, inspired by costumes and textiles belonging to Charlotte Brontë.

Textiles and clothing can hold powerful memories, reminding us of people, places and special moments in our lives. The Brontë Parsonage Museum collections include many small fragments of cloth, associated with Charlotte Brontë. Hannah was inspired by these precious scraps of cloth and the way they have been treasured as keepsakes of a literary heroine.

Today, despite living in world of ‘fast-fashion’ and disposable attitudes to clothing, many of us still keep hold of things that help us remember people, places and moments in time.

For her artwork titled ‘Fragment of a Dress’, Hannah collected visitors stories about clothes that hold significance to them. With the help of students from Bradford School of Art, these hand-written responses have been carefully embroidered onto transparent silk organza, which Hannah has transformed into a dress in the style of the mid-19th century.

Visit the BrontëParsonage Museum from 27 July - 31 Dec. 2022 to view 'Fragment of a Dress' or read more about it here.

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