In these strange and troubling times I have found it difficult to focus on my creative practice. The shifting situation and alarming news sent me reeling. Expectations to adapt and change working practices overnight were draining and I felt in turmoil. Not being able to visit my studio has left me with an extremely limited range of materials and equipment, but I see this as a creative opportunity, a limited palette which nonetheless offers potential and challenge.

When I finally started to pick up materials, I started work without much thought apart from to be gentle on myself and see what happened. I was soon reminded that textiles hold such a wealth of metaphors that can be applied to mindful approaches and ways of working through difficulties. My first explorations in textiles since C19 lockdown involve;

Unpicking… teasing apart layers of cloth, taking things apart, unpacking ideas…

Re-grouping as a way of thinking, organising thoughts, laying out materials ready for stitching.

Stabilising - Holding things together. A temporary tacking stitch to stop things falling apart.

It feels good to have started something.

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