Experiments in madder

During the last couple of weeks I have been doing some research and testing, exploring printing with natural dyes and specifically with madder. What at first seems a fairly simple and straightforward task becomes more challenging as you realise the very many variables at play; different base fabrics, different mordants (and methods of applying mordants), thickeners and additional ingredients added into the mix, finishing and fixing. I can see how it could become all consuming.

The results of my experiments have been varied, many much better than expected but also some spectacular failures. A print that simply disappears is a very sad thing indeed!

If you are interested in madder printing and dyeing you might like to visit Accrington to see ‘Mr Gatty’s Experiment Shed’ as part of the British Textile Biennial.

Dates: 25 & 26th October

Venue: Elmfield Hall, Gatty Park, Accrington

Opening times:

Friday 25th October: On the hour from 10am until 4pm.
Saturday 26th October: On the hour from 10am until 4pm

Entry: Free, no need to book

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