A new studio space

The majority of work was completed on my brand new garden studio in September 2020. The finishing touches will be ongoing for a while but I’ve moved in and am getting settled. The space is lovely and bright, with a huge window on the north end and two big skylights in the ceiling. I enjoy watching the willow waving and dancing in front of my window, and the view across the playing field to the river Aire.

I’ll be collecting rainwater, both is this old water tank for wildlife and watering the garden, and also in another tank for my own water supply for the studio.

Inside, I’m still getting organised but that seems to be a perpetual state for me. I have lots of storage for fabrics, papers and paraphernalia. My lovely old industrial sewing table has its place and so does my big work table. It’s going to be a great space to work in. My greyhound, Henry is starting to settle in too.

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